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Throwback To The Golden Haba Gala 2022!

The Golden Haba Gala is derived from the name of the founder of Estonian Business School - Madis Habakuk and is awarded by EBS with the aim to acknowledge our most excellent staff members, lecturers, students and alumni.

This year's gala was especially close to our hearts and will be remembered fondly as we had not had the chance to organise and take part in the Haba Gala since 2019. But the past is in the past and this time the event was made to be grander than ever before. Our ladies got the chance to put on their most glamorous dresses and the gentlemen to put on their best tuxedos and have a wonderful night to remember fondly in the future. This event was much more than recognising our best of the best but also having an evening full of friends, good music, exquisite food and memories among our Ebsters! It is the night to come together with our EBS family, create new memories and reconcile the old ones. This is the event that every member of our EBS family has to experience at least once in their lives.

"As a guest of the event, I can say that it was pleasant. From my point of view Reelika sang very well and the program of the event was suitable for visitors from different backgrounds and nationalities.

As a member of the event management team, I hope that all the guests enjoyed the event and were satisfied with the evening." - Cathy Vivien Vahi, third years student and the winner of the Bachelor of the Year.

"As it was my first Haba Gala, I really didn’t know what to expect from it. I heard that it would have two key points to it: glamour & an unforgettable evening.It definitely checked both boxes!

What I think is the most important and best part of the whole event, is the recognition of students, teachers and employees. It gives every single one of us more motivation and drive to push forward and make EBS what it is known for: a family." - Raiko Koorem, our IT Support Specialist and the winner of the College of the Year award.

"As I was a member of Student Council (named differently at the time) during my studies at the university, I have some kind of déjà vu any time I attend such an event. Thus, what I have appreciated in students is their non-orthodox non-conformist enthusiastic approach.

The Golden Haba Gala event follows a certain established format (e.g. Oscar Awards and other similar ones) which still has room for inspiration and creativity. Overalll, this was followed rather well.

Having been noticed after 27 academic years in the house feels like being just a bit more than a small cog in the machine. Probably there is something that has been done decently and means something to someone." - Jaan Rand, lecturer of EBS and the winner of The Lifetime Award.

And some last words from our wonderful Events Field Manager and also this years's Golden Haba Organiser:

"Golden Haba Gala 2022 was the first Haba Gala that I had the honor to organize and also to participate in at the same time.

My team and I had worked on this event since December and all those 4 months were filled with lots of meetings, challenges, new ideas, and also the curiosity about how it all will come together.

On 8th April there were 193 people at Swissotel enjoying each other's company and having a joyful evening. All the hard work paid off itself finally.

I would like to thank every one of our guests, and supporters who inspired and motivated us to make this year's Golden Haba Gala memorable. Also, we are grateful that our Student Council team has been trusted for such an important event to organize.

Thank you for coming, enjoying, and making the Golden Haba Gala 2022 a special one!"

And we can not forget our this year's hosts without whom the night would not have been this wonderful and eventful - Victoria Tääker and Vasilis Krystallakis. Thank you for taking care of our family for the evening!

Again we are thankful to everyone who attended The Golden Haba Gala of 2022 and we promise to make the next one even grander. Thank you, everyone, for coming, you all are very important and dear to us and see you next year!

Pictures by Jarkko Pukki

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