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EBS Student Council Election Results Spring 2022

For the last couple of weeks, the elections for the new board of the EBS Student Council have been going on. We are happy to finally share the long-awaited results of the Student Council elections 2022 with you.

This year 64 students voted in a questionnaire through EBS Canvas.

The students were able to vote for three positions:

  1. Chairman – Candidate: Marten Padama

  2. Education Councillor – Candidate: Claudia Pikknurm

  3. Communications Councillor – Candidate: Mirjam Moisto


  1. Chairman – Marten Padama (51 votes)

  2. Education Councillor – Claudia Pikknurm (44 votes)

  3. Communications Councillor – Mirjam Moisto (54 votes)

All three members of the new Board are now officially elected to Student Council as voting members. The new board will officially start on the 1st of June 2022. Good luck to the new board!

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