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Improve Your Student Experience Through Course Feedback And Evaluations

Why are course evaluations important?

EBS collects feedback about each course to improve the teaching and learning experience for students. Feedback allows EBS to get a glimpse of what is happening in the classroom, to identify the best practices, acknowledge outstanding lecturers and identify areas for improvement.

Feedback is collected twice in a semester, so EBS staff and faculty members can implement changes suggested by students already during the semester:

  • Course-start: feedback is collected after 1/3 of the course has passed and allows you to share first impressions about the course - are you happy with the content so far, is the organisation of the course/assignments/Canvas clear etc;

  • Course-end: feedback is a detailed course evaluation form about course value, design, delivery and the lecturer. "Course-end" feedback becomes available during the last lecture.

To gather honest insights feedback is confidential, meaning that EBS staff/lecturers don't see the name of the student or study group in the feedback system.

What kind of changes can EBS make based on feedback?

Head of Student Experience at EBS monitors and analyses course evaluations weekly. Based on the feedback questionnaire results improvements/suggestions are made to the lecturers, head of the departments and the management of EBS. Also, at the end of each study year EBS recognises best faculty members, who have received outstanding feedback from students.

Some examples of the changes that EBS has made based on student feedback:

  • Course-start: adding additional lecture/seminar for the course, make scheduling changes, providing additional materials or make changes in Canvas, re-designing the course, involving guest lectures;

  • Course-end: re-designing the course, changes in scheduling (study programme or the course-specific changes), adding guest lecturers, removing course from the programme, changing the lecturer for the course.

Why should you contribute?

We encourage all of our EBS students to give course feedback via Canvas as it helps not only EBS but also us, the students, to have the best study experience we can get.

When it comes to the implementation of the changes high response rate and constructive comments are important. In other words, the more people give feedback, the higher the probability that EBS can do something about it.

Besides scoring each questions adding comments/insights/suggestions/ideas is relatively important. It allows to get some meaning behind the numbers. You are the person who is sitting in the classroom, so you know first-hand what would work for better learning experience.

If you have any ideas or concerns about the student life, you can contact:

From the Student Council:

EBS contact regarding feedback and course evaluations:

Overview of the course feedback system:


How to give feedback:


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